Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stress management tips

Gurucharanam saranam
Stress management tips

Do light exercise daily to cheer up
Stop your work for sometime and think about a different thing. This will bright your brain and can finish the job easier.
Don’t think it is a long process. Sometimes it can even do in seconds. Just blank up your mind for sometime, with closed or opened eyes.
Arrange yourself in a well ventilated and lighted up place.
As a proverb ‘too much of anything is good for nothing’, even it may be your work or thoughts. Do all things in regulated manner
Do things whatever it may be, with pleasure. Find happiness in everything.
Share the worries, happiness etc to near and dears.
Never thought that what would be the thought of the people around you about you. Just be perfect up to your inner self.
Take regular holidays
Relax your mind by going for a cinema or an outing or any other entertainment you like once in a week or fortnightly.
Sleep had a deep clench on the causation of stress. Make your sleep regular. Try to sleep in a regular time.
Food habits should be regular. Take healthy and nutritious food.
Over use of alcohol, cigarettes etc. not only relives stress but makes other serious problems also. It is just like an escape by screwing up the brain and nervous system. I.e. the person himself or herself without all those things are not able to face the problem.
Sometimes our inertness or muteness can solve the problems.
The most important thing is when a person identifies that he or she is under stress, then starts the plunge of stress so it is important to recognize and deal with it.
Instead of seeing the -ve, pay attention to the +ve
Too much emotional stress can cause physical illness, such as high blood pressure, ulcers or even heart disease. Physical stress from work or exercise is not likely to cause such ailments.
A good cry can be a healthy way to bring relief to your anxiety, and it might even prevent a headache or other physical consequence. Take some deep breaths; they also release tension.
Although you can use drugs to relieve stress temporarily, drugs do not remove the conditions that caused the stress in the first place. Drugs, in fact, may be habit-forming and create more stress than they relieve. They should be taken only on the advice of your doctor.


Gurucharanam saranam
The worlds’ greatest healer, Dr. Sleep, is able to cure and even thwart a lot of diseases. Sleep is normal physiological activity which is done by all human beings everyday. After a days’ long work the body and mind need rest, hence develop sleepiness and fall into sleep gradually. Each and every human should sleep in the night for some hours to give rest to body and mind. The duration of sleep vary according to the age and the physical condition of a person.
Benefits of sleep
Sleep re-energizes the brain and nervous system
The nervous system which works continuously, get a break while sleeping. It gives a fresh feeling after a goodnight’s sleep.
Sleep helps in growth
The secretion of growth hormones and other growth stimulating factors are found to increase during sleep. That is why it is said that the sleep is important for the growing children.
Duration of sleep
Try to sleep continuously.
Normal duration of sleep needed for an ordinary man is about 8 hours. Bur it may vary. An adult needed at least 5 hours of sleep a day.
16-18 hours
10-12 hours
8-9 hours
7-8 hours

Aids of sleep
Sleep in a well ventilated room. Avoid sleeping in open air in winter season. The bed clothing must be clean and wrinkle free. Sleep with ill fitting and tight dress will disturb sleep and also make other problems. The mattress should be sufficiently soft, the more soft and hard ones should be avoided. Make the fan or A\C in proper cooling before sleep to avoid the waking from sleep to adjust the heat or cold.
Sleeping after 2 hours of taking dinner is best and it will help in getting sound sleep. A full meal may not give favour to sleep. Taking one cup of warm milk in the bedtime will account for a goodnight sleep. Avoid taking too much of beverages in the evening this will produce more urine output and subsequently will disturb the sleep by nocturnal tendency to urinate. So food items like coffee, tea and some other stimulating food items will decrease the sleep by agitating the nervous system. Hearing some light music can create an atmosphere for sleep. Don’t try to watch TV or browse in a computer. Go for sleep in a regular time everyday, continuous irregularity may gradually reduce the sleep.

Anemia Diet

Anemia Diet
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Here are dietary guidelines for anemia.
Include in your diet plenty of foods that are rich in iron. These include green leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses, dried fruits, cherries or cherry juice, eggs, fish, and poultry. Eat generous servings of green vegetables daily. The best source of dietary iron is organic calf liver. If you are watching your cholesterol, choose the clean, lean protein of chicken, fish, and lean red meat.
Folic acid is found in dark-green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, whole grains, brewer's yeast, milk, salmon, and organ meats. Increase your consumption of this nutrient by basing your diet on vegetables and whole grains.
Dietary sources of vitamin B12 include whole grains, legumes, blackstrap molasses, egg yolks, nuts, brewer's yeast, and meat. Especially organ meats.


Character: Character is power with which we can win victory. Everything made by man can be destroyed, but not character. It is like light which shines within us. One can build one's own character. Same is the case with a Nation. Character means strengthening of will. Continue to exercise your will and it will take you higher. We are what our thoughts have made us. Every thought that we think bears an impression on our mind. Our character is determined by the sum total of these impressions. The family is the basic social unit and it the first training ground for the building of the child’s character. It is to be understood that this process of building character can even start before the birth of the child. When the child is grown up there comes the influence of the teachers in moulding the character of children. Besides influences of parents and teachers, there is the powerful influence of social environment. In short, the responsibility of building character is on our own shoulders.
With character, WE CAN FACE FEARLESSLY ANYTHING THAT TAKES PLACE IN OUR LIFE. When we do not have enough character, our weaknesses will be more than our strength and our enemies will be more powerful than our friends. Then there will be more quarrel and unrest in society than peace and harmony. A man who does not have a character-base cannot think properly and his wrong thinking will create undesirable results. A Nation without a character-base cannot achieve real progress. If we have enough character, young men and women will be full of grace, dignity, vitality and self-control. If we have enough character, our children will be like flowers, Our spirituality will be spontaneous, peace and harmony will prevail in society.



Converting people from one religion to another is wrong in religious sense. It is an evil plot designed by organised religions. In fact, it is against the very essence of spirituality. It is an onslaught on the free will of a human being. History tells us how much blood has been spilt in the name of Catholic-Protestant and Shia- Sunni differences. In India conversion has become an issue. It has been creating chaos in our society. The root cause of the phenomenon of conversion may be the differences and divisions within the Hindu religion. But others should never think that they have the right to fish in the troubled waters by trying to convert the oppressed sections. In India there is the constitutional right for every citizen to propagate his own religion. But when this right exceeds its limits and when it becomes a law and order problem, the Government can act on it and take remedial action.

The question of getting rid of this menace has been engaging the attention of peace loving people all over the world. I feel that the only solution for this problem is by diminishing the power of the organised religions. Same is the case with the brute power of the state that divides and suppresses the people. But it is not an easy task. It can be achieved only through an internal revolution which can be spearheaded only by the great spiritual masters. They can never be the heads of organised religions or sects. They view the whole world as a family. Only these masters can unite masses irrespective of their caste, creed or religion and only they can ignite the hidden fire of love and compassion within each of us. No other prevailing ideologies can serve the purpose. This has to be viewed in the backdrop of the failure of the rationalist/communist movements in the world.

Enjoy your food.

Enjoy your food.

It is a pleasant experience for the mind to enjoy food for this, are came to ensure 2 best prerequisite. a healthy disposition of mind & body and an agreeable taste on your food. For can achieve these two San things by relaxing yourself to achieve relaxation firstly take some rest after per work and before you start eating. Secondly normalize your body temperature through a cold both. Thirdly, pray before you start energy. Developing a healthy caste in your food aid ensure setter health. For espying food you should have an idea of the following,
1. What to eat.
2. When to eat.
3. How to eat. &
4. How much to eat

Eat those foods which one rid in their nutrients. Eat them in their natural en fresh form. Take sad food like able grains, pulses, seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits. Done take fords which have an extreme taste foods eaten should be nearest to your body temperature.

There is a time to eat It is determined by hunger. Food should not be eaten when you are tired & weak. According to hygienist true hunger is felt in the mind a nowhere in the stomach.
Eat slowly
Don’t drink water in discriminately during and immediately after eating. You have to drink water when you feel thirsty and sometime before you start eating.

For must eat only when hunger has matured. Chew your food thoroughly well. It you feel lightness in body, say after 2 hours of eating, you may assume that there has been no over-eating. That much quantity of food taken properly may be the minimum. This minimum should be your maximum.

Right conduct

Right Conduct

You behave as you are. You can't behave Better unless you are Better.
According to Indian Scriptures the following are the ingredients of right conduct:

Absence oF anger elation, indignation, avarice, delusion,vanity, enmity, speaking truth; moderation in eating,refraining From exposing others weak points, freedom from Jealousy, sharing one's good things wilt others, sacrifices, straight Forwardness, gentleness, quietude, self control, Friendliness with all things, absence of cruelty and contentment.
Such a conduct can be said to be ethical.
without firm commitment to a set of values,ethical conduct can't sustain in various trying situations -
According to Indian scriptures, them are mainly 4 values
Dharma(righteousness), Artha (wealth),Kama (pleasures of Life) and Moksha (Attainment of spiritual illumination).
Right conduct can't be designed for all occasions.
Pre-meditated right conduct may prove to be artificial.
Right conduct emanates spontaneously from within a person.